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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

DJ PREMIER dia 8 Março no Clube Mercado

DJ PREMIER (Gang Starr)
+ MC Big Shug
+ Dj Kronic + Mr.Cheeks

(Raska/The Beat Dealers)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Biografia DJ PREMIER


No more than three producers (Dr. Dre, RZA, and Prince Paul) can test DJ Premier's status as the most important trackmaster of the '90s, and no style is more distinctive. Aggressive and raw, a Premier track was an instantly recognizable soundclash of battling loops and heavy scratching -- all of them perfectly timed -- that evoked the sound of Brooklyn better than anyone. Besides helming tracks for his main concern, Gang Starr, since their 1989 debut, Premier's productions appeared on many of the East Coast's most important records: Nas' Illmatic, the Notorious B.I.G.'s Ready to Die, Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt, Jeru the Damaja's The Sun Rises in the East, and Mos Def's Black on Both Sides.

Premier, born Chris Martin, spent time in Brooklyn and Houston while growing up, and studied computer science at Prairie View A&M outside Houston. Known as Waxmaster C, he'd already learned to play a variety of instruments and also managed a record store. After moving back to Brooklyn, around 1987-1988 he came into contact with Guru, a Boston native. Guru had already formed a group named Gang Starr two years earlier (and recorded with the 45 King), but his former partner, Mike Dee, had returned to Boston. DJ Premier and Guru signed to Wild Pitch and released a debut single ("Manifest") and album (No More Mr. Nice Guy). Gang Starr's interest in melding hip-hop with jazz informed the record, and they were invited to add to the soundtrack for Spike Lee's 1990 film Mo' Better Blues. Their subsequent work was much more mature and unified, with a pair of instant East Coast classics (1991's Step in the Arena and 1992's Daily Operation) arriving in short order.

DJ Premier had been working with other vocalists for years, and his productions for the 1990 landmark Funky Technician by Lord Finesse and DJ Mike Smooth cemented his status as one of the best producers around. He soon began recording exclusively at D&D Studios, a spot soon to become a shrine for hip-hop fans (thanks in large part to his own work). The year 1994 was a huge one for Premier, probably the best year for any rap producer ever; in addition to dropping another Gang Starr classic, Hard to Earn, his productions appeared on five-star, all-time classics by Nas (Illmatic), the Notorious B.I.G. (Ready to Die), and Jeru the Damaja (The Sun Rises in the East), as well as Big Daddy Kane and Branford Marsalis' Buckshot LeFonque project. Though his workload dropped off considerably during the late '90s, he still managed to place tracks on three of the first four Jay-Z albums, and returned in force with the new millennium, including shots with Common, D.I.T.C., D'Angelo, Jadakiss, and Snoop Dogg. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide

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Biografia GANG STARR

Arguably hip-hop's most literate, challenging act on both musical and lyrical fronts, Gang Starr comprises Guru Keith E (b. Keith Elam, 18 July 1966, Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA; vocals/lyrics) and DJ Premier (b. Chris Martin, 3 May 1969, Brooklyn, New York, USA; music). Guru (Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal) was born the son of a Boston municipal and superior court judge, but moved to Brooklyn following graduation with a degree in business administration from Atlanta's Morehouse College. He had previously worked as a counsellor in a maximum detention home in Boston, an experience which would inform many of his lyrics. Gang Starr was in existence before DJ Premier joined, originally also consisting of fellow rapper Damo D-Ski and DJ Wanna Be Down. Their early labours are recalled on cuts like "The Lesson" and " Bust A Move", both of which were produced by DJ Mark The 45 King. However, they were at that time still Boston-based, and in the end opted to pursue more geographically convenient projects.Premier, meanwhile, had relocated to Texas to attend college, but left demos of his work with various labels before his departure. In Texas, he put together the Inner City Posse, who finally saw their demo get some attention. Premier was offered a deal with Wild Pitch Records, but only on the condition he lost his original rapper. The label put him in touch with Guru instead, who had chanced upon one of Premier's demo tapes in their offices, and a marriage made in hip-hop heaven was born. However, Premier had to return to college in Texas, and so the duo's liaison took place largely over the phone, and by sending each other tapes. The fruits of their labour were unveiled on 1989's debut album, No More Mr. Nice Guy, completed in 10 days while Premier was on vacation. "Manifest", taken from the album, picked up airplay on Yo! MTV Raps, and caught the attention of film director Spike Lee. In the process of completing his new movie, Mo Better Blues, Lee was greatly impressed by album track "Jazz Thing", and asked his musical director, Branford Marsalis, to track Gang Starr down. Marsalis urged the duo to cut a recording of Lotis Eli's poem about the history of jazz to a hip-hop rhythm, for inclusion on the movie's soundtrack. The song they eventually came up with would see release as "Jazz Thing". Not only one of rap's most crucial moments, "Jazz Thing" also gave Gang Starr a manifesto for their subsequent career. Credited with popularising jazz-rap, they took the form to its logical conclusion with Step In The Arena, before retreating to hardcore pastures for Daily Operation.

Both Guru and Premier have striven to be seen as individuals outside of the Gang Starr hallmark. A joint collaboration with the Dream Warriors on "I've Lost My Ignorance" aside, each has increased their profile with solo projects. Premier has produced widely for KRS-One, Fu-Schnickens, Big Daddy Kane and Heavy D among many others, while Guru set up the winning Jazzmatazz situation. The latter comprised his distinctive rap style with the best of modern freeform jazz. An interesting departure considering that Premier has always used samples rather than live instruments, though since Daily Operation he has been forced to credit and clear them. Though such forays encouraged speculation that Gang Starr was about to split, the duo belied the critics with a storming return on Hard To Earn. Back to their freestyle, flowing best, it was the second outing for the posse of rappers that Guru had formed into the Gang Starr Foundation: Jeru The Damaja, Big Shug (who was a collaborator with Guru in his early days in Boston), Little Dap and Felachi The Nutcracker. After a prolonged absence they returned to the scene in 1998 with the inventive Moment Of Truth. The following year's compilation set provided a comprehensive overview of one of hip-hop's most consistently excellent teams.

Discography:No More Mr. Nice Guy (Wild Pitch 1989)***, Step In The Arena (Chrysalis 1990)****, Daily Operation (Chrysalis 1992)**, Hard To Earn (Chrysalis 1994)***, Moment Of Truth (Cooltempo 1998)***, The Ownerz (Virgin 2003)***.

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Biografia BIG SHUG

Big Shug is a core member of the Gang Starr Foundation. Growing up in Mattapan, a.k.a. Murder pan wasn't always easy. It wasn't until Shugdid a bid in Walpole prison that Guru inspired him to get seriousabout the rap game. Big Shug has appeared on most Gang Starr albums and has toured the world many times with them. He is best known for being part of the Militia. The Militia consists of Big Shug, Freddie Foxxx,and Guru. Shug has been signed to a couple of labels but his longawaited solo album, "Who's Hard?” is finally coming out through SureShot Recordings in September. The legendary Beat Smith DJ Premierhandles most of the production, as well as The Alchemist and others.The first single "Tha Way It Iz" is now the number one independentsingle on both college charts. In addition to 20 all new tracks, andcameos by the likes of Guru & Freddie Foxxx, there is also a bonusDVD, which features footage of Shug performing live on tour, and alsorare glimpses of Primo working his magic in the studio. A must havefor die-hard Gang Starr fans everywhere.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

FLYER Dj Premier @ Clube Mercado

design by José Canas

CLUBE MERCADO - Dj Premier -

Quarta 8 Março

DJ PREMIER (Gang Starr)
+ MC Big Shug
+ Dj Kronic + Mr.Cheeks

(Raska/The Beat Dealers)

15€ venda antecipada - Venda limitada de bilhetes no Clube Mercado, lojas Supafly e Embassy Sound:
Supafly - Rua da Barroca nº15, Bairro Alto - 213478325 (sem multibanco)

Embassy Sound - Rua da Atalaia nº17, Bairro alto - 213478017
(sem multibanco)

19€ no próprio dia - Estes bilhetes serão vendidos apenas no bar.

Clube Mercado - Rua das Taipas nº8, Bairro Alto
IMPORTANTE: a pré-venda de bilhetes está practicamente no fim, serão postos 100 bilhetes à venda no Clube Mercado, no próprio dia a partir das 21:30, para as primeiras 100 pessoas a chegar.